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To provide efficient environmental resources services that are responsive to the needs of all stakeholders and our environment while upholding the laws to protect, preserve, restore and enhance our City’s tree canopy.

Chapter 17 Tree Protection

Chapter 17 of the City Code is intended to protect, preserve and restore the tree canopy within the City of Miami by regulating the removal, relocation, pruning and trimming of trees. The purpose of the tree protection article is to assure that the design and construction of all development activity within the City of Miami is executed in a manner consistent with the preservation of existing trees and to maximize the City's tree canopy to the greatest extent possible.

Tree Protection

No person, agent or representative thereof, directly or indirectly shall remove or relocate any tree situated on any property described in section 17.3 without first obtaining a tree removal permit, unless exempted by the regulations.

Tree Pruning

A tree pruning permit shall be required for pruning of more than twenty-five (25) percent of the canopy, crown or living foliage of a tree within a one year period. 

Chapter 17 - Environmental Preservation

Hurricane Preparedness and Post Hurricane Information

The Environmental Resources Division has put together some helpful tips and resources on how to manage trees before and after wind storm. 

Hurricane Preparedness

Post Hurricane Tree Management

Proper Tree Planting and Maintenance

Tree Care Standards

Florida Friendly Landscaping

Miami-Dade County Landscape Code and Manual

USDA Forest Service - How To Prune Trees

Prohibited Species

Additional Resources

Here are some helpful resources to help you take care of the the trees and shrubs in your yard.

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