District 5 Expanded First-Time Homebuyer Program

The City of Miami District 5 Expanded First-time Homebuyer Program can provide up to $200,000 (based on household income and need) to assist with acquisition financing and down payment assistance to qualified, income-eligible households towards purchasing an eligible property as their home within District 5 boundaries. The primary applicant must currently reside within the City of Miami*, never have owned a home before, and ultimately be able to secure a first mortgage from a lender subject to the City homebuyer program’s mortgage restrictions. *NOTE: This program’s residency requirement will be waived only if the applicant household includes a current City of Miami or Miami-Dade County first responder (police, fire, or emergency medical personnel) who can provide proof of status.

The assistance provided is considered a forgivable 30-year deferred loan (0% interest) and is secured as a second mortgage on the purchased property. If the property is sold before the 30-year loan period ends, then the assistance provided will be due upon sale as detailed under the Restrictions tab below.

This program can assist households up to 120% of Area Median Income (AMI), based on household size. Should the applicant qualify as a current first responder or an active or retired member of the U.S. Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Marines), the household income can be up to 140% of Area Median Income (AMI) based on household size. Note: A minimum of $50,000 in household income is required for this program.

For a complete list of requirements, please see the program’s paper application. Applying for the program, does not guarantee eligibility or assistance. Assistance for the program is provided on a first-ready, first-served basis until program funds are reserved/exhausted.

Application Process

Step 1.Confirm you (primary applicant) are a current City of Miami resident who has never owned a home

Open your web browser and type  (miamidade.gov/pa/home.asp). Enter your current home address in the box to pull up a property folio. All properties within City of Miami boundaries will show a folio number that begins with "01".  This program will require supporting documentation proving that you currently live within City of Miami limits. If you do not currently live within City of Miami limits, you are not eligible for this program. NOTE: The City of Miami residency requirement will be waived only if the applicant household includes a current City of Miami or Miami-Dade County first responder (police, fire, or emergency medical personnel) who can provide proof of his/her status.

Step 2.Pick-up Application

Pick up a paper application at one the five D-5 District Offices, Mon.-Fri., 9 am to 5 pm. See listing of those Office locations here

Step 3.Contact a Lender

Contact a bank/lender to obtain a loan commitment and to be pre-qualified for a mortgage loan, subject to the City's down payment amount. The lender must provide you with a: (1) commitment letter; (2) affordability study; (3) a completed reservation form (included in the program’s application package). TIP: Banks/lenders with questions about City requirements, contact 305-416-2149.

Step 4.Gather Documents

Gather the three documents from your lender and complete the application package, then submit it, in person, to the D-5 District Office in Liberty City, 6140 NW 7 Avenue, on Tuesdays, 1 pm-5 pm, starting Tuesday, January 17. Once received, the package will be date/time stamped and reviewed for eligibility. If approved, the lender will receive an e-mail from the City confirming the reservation of funds for 90 calendar days to allow the applicant time to look for the property to purchase and to work with the lender to gather all necessary documentation (see checklist below). After 90 calendar days, the reservation is automatically cancelled. Note: If the package was not approved, the applicant/lender will be advised in writing.

Step 5.Attend Homebuyer Workshop

Attend a Homebuyer Counseling workshop at one of the approved agencies.

Step 6.Locate the Property You Intend to Buy

Search for a home in District 5 of the City of Miami based on your pre-approved loan amount and within the maximum sales price limit of $500,000. The home (single-family, townhome, or condominium) must meet minimum Housing Quality Standards.

TIP:  Open your web browser and type https://gis.miamigov.com/miamizoning/index.html, click on the blue Search button in the top right corner, then type in the property address in the query box and press the black search button. All properties within City of Miami boundaries will show a folio number that begins with "01". Click on the District tab, to locate the City Commissioner District number and to confirm it is within District 5.

Step 7.Submit Remaining Documents

Return to your lender to provide you with a full mortgage commitment on the property you have selected to purchase. Gather all remaining documents as identified in the checklist as a loan package to the City. Your lender will then submit all of your documents via courier to the Department of Housing & Community Development, to 14 NE 1 Ave., Second Floor, Miami, FL. NOTE: The Department is open Monday-Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays.

View Document Checklist


Step 1.Resale Restrictions

If the owner sells and/ or transfer the house before the end of the City's mortgage term, the following provisions will apply:

  • The borrower will be required to repay the original amount given as assistance.  
  • For any "early" sale or transfer, the City shall share in any gain realized, based on its pro-rated share of participation in the original purchase. Furthermore, if the sale occurs within the first 3 years, the City shall keep 100% of its pro-rated share of the "gain", from year 3 up to year 20, the City's share of its pro-rated "gain" shall decrease by 5% every year, while in turn, the owner's share shall increase by 5% each year. At year 20 up to the City's loan maturity, the owner shall retain 100% of the City's gain'.  
  • This above share gain proposal terminates in the event of a foreclosure, with the lender required to provide the City the right of first refusal to purchase the loan at a negotiated price. In the case of a foreclosure, the City will recapture any amount of net proceeds available for the sale of the property.

Step 2.First Mortgage Restrictions

  • Term of the loan must be 30 years; fixed interest rate & cannot exceed more than 150 basis points over Freddie Mac's weekly average 30-year rate, as published in the Primary Mortgage Market Survey ("PMMS"); no prepayment penalties; Total percentage charged for Discount, Origination & Broker fees must not exceed 2 points; all other lending fees must be reasonable and cannot exceed $500 or 0.5% of the loan amount, whichever is greater.  

Step 3.Other Restrictions

  • Applicant must reside in purchased unit at all times (homestead exemption on property).