Mayor's Budget Message

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Fellow Residents and Honorable Commissioners:

First, let me thank you-the residents of Miami-for creating the current conditions to present this Proposed Operating Budget and Multi-Year Capital Plan for the fiscal year 2023-24. All of you worked tirelessly, showed determination, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit that has transformed Miami into a model for the world.

This budget cuts taxes, meets our challenges, leverages our progress, and builds for our future. It is a budget that we can all support, adopt, and use to build a better Miami for everyone.

For our residents, we are cutting your millage rate to the lowest rate in the history of Miami, and unlike the past, we are doing it while maintaining fiscal restraint, investing in our reserves, and preparing for the future.

We also continue to maintain our programs such as: the Anti-Poverty Initiatives, anti-litter, Miami for everyone, rent for elderly, elderly rent substitute, childcare program, kid saving account and youth summer jobs programs. Our commitment to keeping Miami safe remains vigorous as is our support for the trolley program.

For our business owners and investors, we know your time, energy, and capital are essential to our fiscal health and continued development. Under this budget, we plan to modernize and simplify our city services so we can deliver more and continue to meet the pressures of a tough and competitive economic environment.

For our new Miami residents, welcome to our magic city. Your arrival, investments, and continued immersion into our city is an endorsement of our policies and our commitment to building a Miami that lasts forever and works for everyone.

Our city remains a magic city because of our people, our tenacity, and our dreams. Our city was built by mavericks and migrants with courage and compassion. We are building on their legacy so that all of us-including our children and their children-can share in the magic city that is Miami.

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