District 4 Capital Improvements Projects

Commissioner Manolo Reyes

All D4 Capital Improvement Projects

   40-B50414 & 40-B50421  Golden Pines Roadway Improvements (Managed by RPW)

   40-B50505  Auburndale Roadway Reconstruction & Pedestrian Improvements (Managed by RPW)

   40-B223802   Auburndale Neighborhood Flood Improvements (Managed by RPW)

   40-B223801   East Flagami Neighborhood Flood Improvements (Managed by RPW)

   40-B203518   Right of Way Improvements by Shenandoah Mini Park

   40-B203519   Right of Way Improvements by Swannanoa Mini Park

     40-B40581      Douglas Park New Community Center

     40-B193522A  Silver Bluff Dog Run Park

     40-B193622    Very Poor Condition Roads

     40-B50420   SW 29 Avenue from SW 23 Terrace to SW 23 Street

     40-B30960  La Pastorita Traffic Calming and Miscellaneous Improvements

  •  2021 Projects 

     40-B40563    Shenandoah Park Improvements and Pool Enhancements

     40-B203608  D4 Districtwide Traffic Calming Project

     40-B183526  Bay of Pigs Memorial Park Improvements    

     40-B183608  La Pastorita Neighborhood Roadway Improvements

  • 2020 Projects

    40-B173514   South Shenandoah and Swannanoa Mini Parks

    40-B30979     SW 21 Street and SW 24 Avenue Roadway Improvements

    40-B173615   NW 4 Street Traffic Calming Improvements

    40-B173651   SW 23 Avenue Roadway & Drainage Improvements  

  • 2019 Projects

     40-B30969     SW 30 Court Roadway and Drainage Improvements

     40-B50407     SW 22 Terrace Roadway and Drainage Improvements

     40-B30972     SW 64 Court Roadway and Drainage Improvements 

     40-B50408     Silver Bluff Manors Neighborhood Traffic Calming

     40-B173651   SW 23 Street Roadway & Drainage Improvements 

     40-B183607   Aburndale Neighborhood Traffic Calming Improvements