Golden Pines Roadway Improvements

Golden Pines Project Map (Aerial View)

Project Progress / December 2023

Aerial Photo of Golden Pines Roadway Construction Project   Aerial Photo of Golden Pines Roadway Construction Project

Project Benefits Include:

  • New 8-inch water main
  • New driveways, sidewalks and curbs
  • New drainage system
  • Pavement restoration
  • Pavement markings
  • Swale re-grading and sodding

Accomplishments – September/October 2023:

Golden Pines Monthly Status Update Flyer October Notice Page 1

Golden Pines Monthly Status Update Flyer October Notice Page 2

Click here to download the information flyers above.(PDF, 2MB)

SW 25th Street:

  • Asphalt has been placed from SW 24th Terrace to SW 27th avenue.
  • Driveways have been constructed west of 31st avenue.
  • Concrete sidewalk should be completed on the project on 10-2-2023.
  • Contractor will begin constructing driveways east of 31st avenue on 10-2-2023. 

SW 24th Terrace:

  • Concrete sidewalk has been completed throughout the project.
  • Asphalt has been placed on SW 29th avenue and on SW 24th Terrace east of 29th avenue.
  • Contractor will begin preparing to install valley gutter between SW 29th & 31st avenues on 10-2-2023, followed by finishing of lime rock base and placement of asphalt by 10-13-2023.
  • Contractor will begin milling existing roadway to bring elevations to the top of subgrade on 10-2-2023, followed by the installation of the valley gutter by 10/13/2023.

Next Steps – Month of November 2023:

SW 25th Street:

More updates to come!

SW 24th Terrace:

More updates to come!

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