Comprehensive Planning

The Comprehensive Planning Division is responsible for comprehensive and policy planning related to growth concurrency issues affecting the sound development of the City. The Division uses neighborhood master plans as the building blocks to update the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan (MCNP), which guides future development of Miami, and fulfills the City’s responsibilities under Florida’s Growth Management laws. The Division uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for coordinating the information mapping needs of the various City departments and offices.  

Division Lead Contact
Ryan Shedd
Interim Chief of Comprehensive Planning Division
(305) 416-1315



Guidelines & Resources


City of Miami Code of Ordinances

Miami 21: You can now view the Miami 21 Code of Ordinances on Codehub, which can be divided by article & appendix, searched, or bookmarked. The Miami 21 Code establishes standards and procedures for new development or redevelopment in the City. It also adopts the Miami 21 Atlas, which acts as the official Zoning Atlas of the City and is filed in the City Clerk’s office. The Miami 21 Atlas designates a Transect Zone for all lands within the City.


Permitting Forms and Documents 

Special Permits Checklist


Historic Design Guideline

Non-Historic Guidelines


Planning Resource Guide  has a list of outside entities and resources that we frequently consult in our day to day work. They may be helpful for you in understanding more about Planning concepts. 

Planning Zoning and Appeals Board

The Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board is an integral part of the total process of planning for the future development and growth of the city. The board is to serve as an instrument of advice and recommendation in all phases and aspects of the comprehensive planning program authorized by Section 38 of the City Charter.

Learn more about the Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board (PZAB)