Neighborhood Revitalization District-2 (NRD-2)

The Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD-2) establishes a protective series of land development regulations as identified in Section 3.12. The goal is to restore, enhance, and grow the existing diverse, and mixed-use Wynwood Norte neighborhood.

The Wynwood Norte Community Vision Plan, pursuant to Resolution No. R-19-0472, adopted by the City Commission on November 21, 2019 (the “Community Vision Plan”), guides NRD-2.

For more information regarding NRD-2, please view the below.  

The City of Miami Planning Department, community stakeholders, and Plusurbia worked together to describe the intent and goals of the neighborhood. They also developed NRD-2 land development code language. Several community meetings resulted in the following considerations:

  • Identify neighborhood residents’ concerns and desires for future community vision


  • Identify the boundaries of the Wynwood Norte NRD (NRD-2)


  • Identify the distinct features of the neighborhood that should used for the future


  • Create land development strategies to mitigate displacement and improve housing and business affordability


  • Identify important street networks and strategies for creating multi-modal transportation opportunities

Diverse neighborhood stakeholders contributed to the Wynwood Norte Community Vision Plan. The Wynwood Norte Community Vision Plan identifies goals, objectives, and policy recommendations. The Plan has four main themes: Coming Home, Building Home, Getting Around, and Going Green.

View Wynwood Norte Community Vision


There are City Code chapters that contribute to the regulation of Wynwood NRD-2. The following is a collection of those chapters and a summary of how they affect your project: 

The community is invited to be an active participant in the development of the City. There will be several community outreach meetings held.  

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