Sabal Palm Village

"The Sabal Palm Village" is a proposed Special Area Plan (SAP) totaling 25.97 acres of residential, commercial, civic, and industrial uses. The proposed site is located at approximately 5175 NE 2 Avenue, 5035 NE 2 Avenue and 5125 NE 2 Court, which is bound by NE 54th Street to the north, NE 2nd Avenue to the west, Florida East Coast railroad Corridor to the east and Archbishop Curley-Notre Dame property to the south. 

For more information regarding the proposed Special Area Plan, please view the tabs below. 

Site Uses

Current Site Area: the 25.97-acres currently contains:

Current Uses:

  • Residential apartments and townhouses

Current Zoning:

Site characteristics: 

  • Natural canopy
    • Current size of these existing trees range from 5” – 32” DBH trunk dimension

Neighborhood Cultural Context:

  • Haitian 
  • Caribbean
  • French-Creole

Map Depicts Current Site of Sabal Palm including boundaries. NE 54th St, Federal Highway, and NE 2nd Ave are the boundaries. Streets inside of Sabal Palm includes NE 3rd Ave, NE 53rd ST, NE 2nd CT, NE 51 ST, NE 3rd Ct, and NE 51ST Ter.

 Proposed Uses: 

  • Residential
  • Office
  • Commercial
  • Civic 
    • One (1) Plaza 
    • Three (3) Community Parks
    • Three (3) Pedestrian Passages
    • Linear Greenway
  • Institutional
    • Vocational and Community College 
  • Hotel

Proposed Zoning:

Map of Sabal Palm depicting the various Zoning. Boundaries include NE 2nd Ave, NE 54th ST, North Federal Highway and Archbishop Curly Notre Dame High School.


To redevelop the “Sabal Palm Village” site, the Applicant has submitted two applications: a Comprehensive Plan Amendment and a Special Area Plan (SAP).  These documents are required to amend the regulations governing how the site may be developed. The City of Miami Planning Department is responsible for administering and reviewing the applications.

Below is a brief summary of each application:

Comprehensive Plan Amendment - changes the Future Land Use designation for the approximately 25.97-acres of the site from “Medium Density Multifamily Residential” to “Restricted Commercial” and “Public Parks and Recreation”.

  • Changes the Future Land Use designation for approximately 24.10-acres of the property at 5175 NE 2 Avenue, 5035 NE 2 Avenue and 5125 NE 2 Court from “Medium Density Multifamily Residential” to “Restricted Commercial” and approximately 1.87-acres from “Medium Density Multifamily Residential” to “Public Parks and Recreation”. The full description of these designations can be found in the Miami Comprehensive Neighborhood Plan, within the “Interpretation of the 2020 Future Land Use Map”.
  • Concurrency review ensures that City and County services can meet the needs of new development. Levels-of-Service for Parks, Recreation, & Open Space and Transportation are particularly important with regards to this proposed amendment:
  • Park access
  • Transportation – a detailed traffic study is being reviewed by the Office of Capital Improvements

Special Area Plan (SAP) - encompasses the entire 25.97-acre property, changing certain Miami 21 Zoning regulations and changing the zoning Transect for 22.47-acres of the site from “T5-O Urban Center – Open” and “T5-R Urban Center – Restricted” to “CS Civic Space”, “T5-O Urban Center – Open”, “T6-8a-O”, “T6-8b-O” and “T6-12-O Urban Core – Open” Transect Zones.

  • The Special Area Plan overlay will encompass the entire 25.97-acre property at 5175 NE 2 Avenue, 5035 NE 2 Avenue and 5125 NE 2 Court. It will change the underlying zoning designation for approximately 1.87-acres from “T5-R Urban Center – Restricted” to “CS Civic Space” and approximately 24.10-acres from “T5-L Urban Center – Restricted” and “T5-O Urban Center – Open” to “T6-8a-O”, “T6-8b-O” and “T6-12-O Urban Core – Open” Transect Zones. The proposal is proposing to construct approximately 5,899,658 square feet of development consisting of:
  • 2,929 residential dwelling units,
  • 400 lodging units,
  • 168,011 square feet of office space,
  • 296,297 square feet of commercial space,
  • 43,760 square feet of special training/vocational school,
  • 4,782 parking spaces,
  • 195,272 square feet of civic space, and
  • 248,923 square feet of open space.
  • The Special Area Plan application is accompanied by the following documents which will guide redevelopment of the site:
  • Regulating Plan – development standards that are specific to the project. While the project is required to meet the intent of the Miami 21 Zoning Code, the Special Area Plan process affords flexibility in how the site is designed and developed to allow for higher or specialized building, streetscape, and open space designs.
  • Concept Book – plans, diagrams, and renderings illustrating the development standards of the Regulating Plan.
  • In reviewing the Regulating Plan and Concept Book, the Planning Department considers the following:
  • Urban design compatibility
  • Building heights that are compatible with the scale of the surrounding neighborhood and create proper transitions between adjacent residential areas.
  • Streetscape design that is integrated with surrounding area.
  • Accessibility, Traffic and Circulation
  • Mobility connections that cater to multiple modes of transportation including pedestrians, bicycles, mass transit, and vehicles.
  • Uses that are accessible to and serve the surrounding neighborhood and City.


While dates are to be decided, the sequence of meetings and opportunities for public participation is as follows:

Step 1.Application submittal & review

Step 2.Applicant hosts public meetings

Step 3.Staff completes review

Step 4.Urban Development Review Board makes recommendations

Step 5.Planning Zoning, & Appeals Board makes recommendations

Step 6.City Commission-1st Reading

Step 7.City Commission-2nd Reading

Step 8.Proceed with design, permitting, and construction after adoption

Step 9.Public meeting for detailed park design after adoption


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