District 1 Capital Improvements Highlights

  • 2023 Projects

    40-B233815 Allapattah Neighborhood Flood Improvements (Managed by RPW)

    40-B233816  Melrose Neighborhood Flood Improvements (Managed by RPW)

    40-B223601  Spring Garden Neighborhood - Traffic Calming Project (Managed by RPW)

    40-B223404  Demolition of Beckman Hall

    40-B213700  Antonio Maceo Park - Main Sewer Line Replacement

    40-B193403  Repairs at Marlins Garage

    40-B233513  Grapeland Park Engineering Control - Protection, Restoration and Artificial Turf

    40-B17357        Antonio Maceo Park Boat Ramp

    40-B183902      Solid Waste Department Building Retrofit

   40-B173726       Antonio Maceo Park New Field Restrooms

     40-B183611      NW 17 Street Roadway Improvements

     40-B183611A    NW 17 Street Roadway Improvements 

     40-B40543        Ronald Reagan Park (Formerly PBA Fern Isle Park)