Marine Stadium Boat Launch and Trailer Parking

The City of Miami is working on the restoration of the Marine Stadium Boat Ramp by extending the ramp into the basin and installing two fixed floating dock piers.  Parking capacity will be provided for 72 trailers and 29 regular vehicles. The main project's objective is to provide public navigation and boater access to residents and visitors alike.

Click here(PDF, 8MB) to download the presentation from the November 2nd, 2022 community meeting
Click here(PDF, 9MB) to download the Boat Ramp Plans presented at the November 2nd, 2022 community meeting
Below are the three videos that were shown in the presentation at the community meeting




Miami Marine Stadium Boat Launch and Trailer Parking Community Meeting Photo

Project Boundaries

District 2, Miami Marine Stadium Complex, 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami FL 33149

Importance of this project:
  • The Virginia Key Master Plan was created in 2010.  Inclusion of at least one boat ramp in the Master Plan was requested by the Waterfront Advisory Board.
  • According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, more than 1 million recreational boats are registered in Florida.  The agency announced that the number had been surpassed, with the most vessel registrations in Miami Dade County with 74,622 registered boats. Florida Tops 1 Million Recreational Boats - CBS Miami (
  • Miami Dade County boaters have access to 13 public boat ramps.  Those ramps only provide capacity to less than 2% of the 74,622 registered boats.
  • Since the opening of Black Point Marina in the 1970s, no new boat ramp facilities have been developed in Miami Dade County.
  • Boat sales skyrocketed last year during the coronavirus pandemic as more Americans turned to the lifestyle amid more flexible work environments that allowed people to spend extra time enjoying the outdoors.

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