Roberto Clemente Park Improvements

There are two components to the improvements at Roberto Clemente Park.  First, there are the elements of the general park improvements that will be part of the park itself, such as the new artificial turf baseball/soccer field (hybrid), parking lot, etc.  These improvements will be managed by the Office of Capital Improvements (OCI).  You may see the project information for these improvements as you stroll down this webpage. 

Second, there will be a series of flood prevention projects in the City of Miami, and there is a flood prevention improvements project for Clemente Park.  The flood prevention improvements will be managed by the Resilience and Public Works Department (RPW).  You may visit the webpage to the Clemente Neighborhood Flood Improvements here.  

Per a City of Miami Commission-supported declaration of intent, bonds will be issued for the improvement of Roberto Clemente Park Flood Improvements, Little River Mini Park Renovations, Shorecrest, and Southwest Wynwood Flood Improvements (Resolution 3(PDF, 157KB)).  This declaration also supported the acceptance of a grant specifically assigned for sea level rise and flood protection for Roberto Clemente Park project (Resolution 9(PDF, 131KB)).

As a result, the funding for the design phase for Roberto Clemente Park flood prevention improvements has been approved. Next steps include finalizing the “Request for Proposal” (RFP) for the project, and then the bid process for design will begin. Thereafter, the project will move over to the Planning Department and other City departments. We anticipate for these processes to be completed by mid-year in 2024. The bond funding will not be available until November/December 2023.

The elements of this project include:

  • Artificial turf baseball/soccer field (hybrid)
  • Drainage improvements
  • Batting cage
  • LED lights
  • Power bank for events
  • Fencing
  • Parking lot reconfiguration
  • Replating and dedication of City Right of Way (ROW)

Click here to download the project presentation.(PDF, 11MB)

Current Project Status (May 2024):

  • Design Process – Started in February 2024.  Received final draft on 4/30/2024 and is currently under OCI review.
  • Site visit scheduled with Enviro Waste for 5/3/2024 for drainage system clean-out by Intermediate Drainage Solution.  
  • Project will require replating and dedication of City Right of Way (ROW).
  • Project is currently funded for design only.

Project Status (December 2023): 

  • This project is managed by the City of Miami Office of Capital Improvements (OCI). Design process for the project will start in early 2024. Consultant's proposal expected by February 2024.
  • Additionally, OCI Project Manager is requesting proposal for re-platting (lot reconfiguration).  Proposal expected by February 2024.

Project boundaries map:

Location: 101 NW 34th Street Miam, FL 33127

Roberto Clemente Park Baseball-Soccer Fields Aerial View

Click here to download the map above.(PDF, 1MB)

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