DRI Archived Updates

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June 9, 2020 SEOPW Capacity Update

City of Miami Resolution R-88-0110 adopted the Southeast Overtown / Park West Development of Regional Impact (SEOPW DRI) on February 11, 1988. Pursuant to requirements in Florida Statute, the City has tracked development capacity as the area builds out. This tracking has been in the form of square footage, rooms, dwelling units, etc.

In 2017, Miami-Dade County requested that the City convert this development capacity into vehicle road trips so that the remaining capacity can be tracked relative to the County’s Road Impact Fee Ordinance, codified in Section 33 of the County Code. This tracking is shared with Miami-Dade County because all development capacity adopted by the Master Development Order in 1988 is exempt from County Road Impact Fees.

On May 13, 2020, the City exhausted the original development capacity and determined that there were no more vehicle road trips. There remains to be development capacity within the DRI. Further, other conditions with the DRI continue to be in effect.

The SEOPW CRA is the “developer” of the SEOPW DRI. The Planning Department is working with the CRA to provide support in working with Miami-Dade County to examine opportunities to grant some relief regarding impact fees, similar to what is currently granted in Downtown. Please check back here frequently for updates on progress.

March 9, 2018 Downtown County Road Impact Fee Update

Due to capacity from the Master Development Order being exhausted, a 30.2% reduction in road impact fees was approved by Miami Dade County. This percentage is based on the average total modal split for both transit and pedestrian/bicycle percentages within the DRI boundary. Alternative computation based on this study is only approved for developments within the City of Miami's Downtown DRI Increment III boundaries. 

For the original memo issued by Miami Dade County, please make a Public Records Request.