Cleaning up After a Storm

Debris Clean Up

  • After a hurricane, debris removal companies are hired by the city to collect storm generated debris.
  • It’s  important to remember to separate debris according to its type – vegetation, appliances, furniture, electronics, and construction and demolition (only after a hurricane).
  • Each type of debris should have its own individual pile and piles should not be mixed.
  • Residents should avoid stacking or placing debris around any type of pole, fire hydrants, mailboxes, and storm drains. Debris should not block the public right of way and piles should be placed on the curbside five (5) away from all objects
  • Only after a hurricane will demolition and construction items will be eligible for pickup.
  • Bagged debris and regular household garbage are not eligible to be collected and should be placed in green garbage bin for regular service.
  • Mixing debris types may cause a delay for debris removal crews. Debris types are collected separately and sometimes a few days apart.
  • For question or additional information, residents can call 311.  

General Clean up Safety

Content provided by the CDC.  

Get the right safety gear

·         Hard hats

·         Goggles

·         N95 masks (or a respirator with a higher protection level)

·         Heavy work gloves

·         Waterproof boots with steel toe and insole (not just steel shank)

·         Earplugs or protective headphones (if you’re working with noisy equipment)

·         At least two fire extinguishers (each with a UL rating of at least 10A)

If sewage is involved, make sure to wear the following during your cleanup:

·         Rubber boots

·         Rubber gloves

·         Goggles

Use teams to move heavy/bulky objects

·         Have teams of at least two people work together to move heavy or bulky objects.

·         Avoid lifting any material that weighs more than 50 pounds (per person).

Pace yourself

Cleaning up your home can be a big job. Be sure to take care of yourself:

·         Rest when you need to.

·         Decide which cleanup tasks are most important and focus on those first. That way, you’re less likely to be overwhelmed.

·         Get help lifting heavy or bulky objects. If you lift too much on your own, you could hurt yourself.

·         Try to work with other people, so you aren’t alone.

·         Get support from family members, friends, counselors, or therapists.