Damage Reporting

We use the information you report to assess the impact and respond to the affected areas. The application has four categories for damage:

  • No Damage/Minor Damage - HabitableThe structure suffered only superficial or no damage and is fully habitable during any required repairs.
  • Major Damage - HabitableThe structure is damaged, but may be habitable during the repair process.
  • Major Damage - UninhabitableThe structure is badly damaged, and the residents must find somewhere else to reside during the repairs. 
  • DestroyedThe structure has been destroyed and cannot be repaired; must be rebuilt. The residents must find somewhere else to reside.

Residents can also input data regarding flooding inside or outside the structure. This information is important as it is an indicator of the scope of damage to surrounding infrastructure such as roads. Such information enables emergency responders to appropriately plan response efforts within the County.

To report a damage of flooding to your home, please visit the link below Miami-Dade County’s damage reporting system.