File an ADA Discrimination Grievance

Have you been denied access into the City of Miami programs or services because of a disability?

The City of Miami wants to know of any discrimination so that we can ensure you and others will have equal ability to fully participate in activities regardless of your disability. 


Gather Information.

You will need the following information when filing your complaint:

  • Your full name, address, and preferred contact (email, home phone or cell phone).
  • Details about the incident:
    1. A description of the act or acts of discrimination.
    2. The date of the discriminatory acts.
    3. The name or names of the individuals who you believe discriminated.
    4. Other information that you believe necessary to support your complaint.
    5. Copies of relevant documents if applicable.

Submit Your Complaint.

Click Here to Submit Complaint

We Will Follow Up.

The ADA Coordinator will respond within 15 calendar days after receipt of the complaint, and arrange a meeting with you to discuss the issue and possible resolutions.

Wait For a Response.

Within 15 calendar days from your meeting with ADA, the coordinator will respond in writing (or Braille or audio if necessary) with the city's resolution plan.

NOTE: While the ADA does not require the City of Miami to take any action, we will try to accommodate all reasonable requests to meet the needs of the individual.

File an Appeal if Necessary.

If you are unhappy with the city's response, you may file an appeal within 15 calendar days of receiving the response.

The appeal should be in writing and should include the reasons you feel this response was not adequate. Send your letter or email to the ADA coordinator that you met with. If you cannot find this information, please email

You will hear back within 15 calendar days of your appeal.