Fire Rescue Training Division

The Training Division is charged with the responsibility of scheduling, coordinating, and conducting department-wide training.  Through many hours of training each year, this division ensures all department personnel are proficient in all areas of Emergency Response.  These areas include, fire, emergency medical and special operation services which are provided to all citizens who reside and visit the City of Miami each year.   

The Training Division is comprised of the following members: The Chief of Training (who has overall responsibility for the Division), (1) Deputy of Training/Training Coordinator, (5) Fire Training Instructors, (2) Driver-Engineer Instructors, (1) Certification Officer and (2) Administrative Aides.

The Fire-Rescue Training Center is located in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of the City of Miami. This Facility was renovated in 1981 from what was originally a 1958 Trash Incinerator. The six-story building houses (5) classrooms, numerous firefighter skills training rooms, (2) live-fire burn props, a car fire prop, a forcible entry trainer, a special operations training simulator, a search/confined space maze, Bike Patrol equipment and bikes, and multiple roof ventilation props. The 6th floor is a fully equipped gymnasium that is accessible to all City of Miami employees. There are (2) apparatus rooms and several areas that are designed to accommodate Firefighting, EMS, Driver and Special Operations drills. The Training Center also houses the City of Miami’s backup E911 Communication Dispatch Center as well as the City of Miami Department of Fire-Rescue Museum.

Recruit Training Section

There are five (5) Fire Training Instructors that are assigned to the training division.  These individuals instruct recruits in the areas of firefighting, emergency medical emergencies, and special operation responses. 

In-Service Training Section

The five (5) Fire Training Instructors in conjunction with eighteen (18) Shift Field Training Instructors (SFTI) are involved in research of equipment and training, creating, and delivering specialty training course/drills to the Emergency Response Division personnel on a shift basis. The SFTI Team works under the direction of the Chief of Training. 

Driver Engineer Section

The Driver Engineer Section is responsible for the training of Recruit Firefighters, Active Firefighters, and other City Employees. Comprehensive driving and operating instruction are provided to the drivers of Emergency Response Fire Suppression Apparatus, and Special Operations vehicles as well as heavy Rescue Apparatus and the light fleet (Automobiles). The Section participates on the Accident Review Board and provides remediation for drivers involved in accidents. This section also provides Defensive Driving Courses (Classroom and Hands-on Training), Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC), Fire Service Hydraulics & Vehicle Inspection and Safety courses. It services the Fire Department by performing quarterly Driver’s License validity confirmation, Driver Engineer performance evaluations, Reserve Driver Engineer Classes, and working on specifications for new apparatus manufacturing and delivery via the Apparatus and Equipment Committee.

Certification Section

The Certification Section Officer is responsible for maintaining all certifications and records for the department.  This includes certifications as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Paramedic, Fire Instructor, Fire Inspector, etc.  The Certification Officer also assists with records of in-service training for the department.  All paperwork and certifications are submitted to the Florida State Fire Bureau and to the Florida Department of Health.